Where Alan Wilson of Canned Heat died

701 Topanga Canyon Rd., , , 90290
On Sept. 3, 1970 at this, the home of fellow Canned Heat band mate Bob "The Bear" Hite, Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson overdosed on a hill behind the home. Some called it suicide, others an accident, regardless it was a terrible loss. The house has since been destroyed by a flood.

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where Alan wilson of canned heat died
Thanks for the information. Just to say that Alan's death was recorded as accidental. The toxicology reports stated that no alcohol and no drugs were found in his body. A small head injury and blood on the surface of his brain was discovered at the autopsy.Alan had laid for about 36 hours before his body was discovered. Enough time for him to slip into a coma, develop pneumonia and die.

someone should
im a fan of canned heat and i did some research on bobs old house, there are no photos of it back in the day,
i think that hillside should be found and a memorial erected for Alan, the guy was an amazing musician , but his story is nearly forgotten. i dont know if this is the exact site where the house was, but i hear the original house burned in the 70's. im sure someone knows.

My experiences at Bob Hite's Topanga house . . .
Back in 1972 ( at age 17 ) I used to jam with Bob Hite's stepson , a kid named Eddie Morrow who ( tried ) to play drums . Eddie and his sister Paula lived in Sylmar , Ca . On several occasions we got to go to the Bear's Topanga house , which I recall as being very close to the Topanga Post Office . I have a memory of us jamming in the garage / basement while a rotund fellow stood in the corner smoking a joint - I asked him nicely if he wouldn't mind passing it around , which he did . my two friends
( Eddie , and possibly Steve Roderick on guitar ) later informed me that was the Bear ! I also have a memory of us sitting in their living room ,
rolling an entire lid of crappy pot in the giant Cheech & Chong paper from the Big Bambu album , using a pair of pliers as a roach clip . In the middle of the living room were several rows of library shelves , filled with old 78's . I also remember us going behind the house , which was kind of a steep hill , lots of vegetation - to get high - this was apparently near where Wilson died , but I don't recall us being aware of that at the time . Sad to hear that place isn't there any more . . .

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