Where Alan Wilson of Canned Heat died

701 Topanga Canyon Rd., , , 90290
On Sept. 3, 1970 at this, the home of fellow Canned Heat band mate Bob "The Bear" Hite, Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson overdosed on a hill behind the home. Some called it suicide, others an accident, regardless it was a terrible loss. The house has since been destroyed by a flood.

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I went to BlindOwlBio.com and sadly I did not find anything pertaining the the topic.

Is there another link anyone knows of?

Thank you.

Blind Owl Wilson
I am still stunned that Alan was found only 50 ft from Bob's house...it was a known fact that Alan would sleep out at night as well... Yet...people at Bob's house that night didn't locate him .

where Alan wilson of canned heat died
Thanks for the information. Just to say that Alan's death was recorded as accidental. The toxicology reports stated that no alcohol and no drugs were found in his body. A small head injury and blood on the surface of his brain was discovered at the autopsy.Alan had laid for about 36 hours before his body was discovered. Enough time for him to slip into a coma, develop pneumonia and die.

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